The title does refer to Christ’s death, however, this title also adds meaning to a particular man that has changed the course of history for the Christian Church forever.

That man… was named Martin Luther.

Before we get into details of how he revolutionized the Christian faith and lifestyle as we know it, let’s give a little bit of background information about him.

Martin Luther was born November 10th, 1483 in Eisleben, Germany. At this time in history, Germany had been a part of the Holy Roman Empire. In other words, the Catholic churchwas in control of a majority of European countries.

His father was raised as a peasant and owned a copper mine. Disappointed with his status as being a “poor peasant”, he was determined to see his son ascend to civil service and bring honor to the family. With this goal in mind, he sent his son to the best schools in the towns of Mansfield, Magdeburg and Eisenach.

At the age of seventeen, he enrolled into the University of Erfurt (1501). A year later he got his Bachelor’s degree. Three years later he achieved his Master’s degree. He originally enrolled in studying law at the university, however, things drastically changed…